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The above services do not include a review the underlying business transactions to determine the legitimacy of the transaction or whether the transaction was properly structured and/or whether the proper legal and tax conclusions were reached. The Audit Report is not intended to be used to avoid federal or state tax laws or to structure transactions to avoid detection by federal or state tax agencies.

Our analysis and Audit Report data assumes the information and documents provided by the client are accurate, truthful, and complete.

If an audit has already started, and the client has already contacted IRS and/or provided information or documents, additional services may be required beyond the scope of the three service plans described in this website.

Our services are not intended to replace proper tax preparation and do not include accounting services. Thus, we will not reconstruct accounting records nor calculate items such as depreciation and basis calculations.

We thoroughly analyze our client’s tax returns and documents. Our Audit Report and insights are based on years of tax and business experience. Our analysis is based on our professional judgment. Whether IRS will raise additional or different issues and/or whether IRS will open a new tax year is opened for audit cannot be guaranteed.

Our verbal and written analysis and recommendations shall not be deemed legal advice and is only intended for our client.  Clear Tax does not provide any legal advice or legal representation nor are our services intended to be a substitute for legal advice.  If you need the advice of an attorney, you will need to retain an attorney directly.

The Audit Report is intended to discuss potential issues, which IRS may or may not identify on your income tax return.

Our service is only intended for companies doing business in the United States and only applicable to U.S. domestic transactions.

Our services, report, and any verbal or written communication are not intended or written to be used, and cannot be used, for the purpose of (1) avoiding any penalties under the internal revenue code, or (2) promoting, marketing or recommending to another party any matters addressed herein. Any written advice that we provide does not take into account the possibility that a tax return will not be audited, that an issue will not be raised on audit, or that an issue will be resolved through settlement if raised.

Our services, including but not limited to our Audit Report and any other written or verbal communication, shall be subject to the terms of our client agreement.